29 October 2015


                                                                                  Barrio de Malasaña, Madrid, Spain. October 2015

"Real girls aren't perfect, perfect girls aren't real"

Good evening everyone,

today I'd like to share with you this new post about a modern version of Hipster style. This week I

went to Malasaña, a Madrid neighborhood, famous for its vintage shops and nightlife, not by chance

it's called "el barrio de las Maravillas" (Wonderland neighborhood). It's a place with a lot of secrets,

in each corner you could find something really interesting with a particular story behind it. In the

"calle del Pez", for example, you'll see a statue, sculpted by Antonio Santìn Benito, that represent

Julia, a girl that had to disguise herself as a man for studying at University: in the XIX century

the access to higher education was forbidden to women.

Considering that this is the hipster neighborhood I chose an ouftit in urban style, with shorts and

laced ankle boots, a t-shirt with an engaging slogan (I suppose you'll be agree with me, Friday is the

better day of the week) and a long cardigan.

Regarding the accessories I opted for golden ones, especially  for big cross earrings, chane necklace

and black clutch with two golden lion heads embellished with emerald green eyes.

In this post I tried to represent the hipster style, adapting it to my personality, so revisiting it in my

personal way. To be honest I think that hipster culture has interesting points of view, like the pursuit

of uniqueness and unconventionality and this is typical of artists and people with creativity.

"Create your own style....let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others" Anna Wintour

Special thanks to the photographer +Mario Campuzano (web site: http://www.fotostudio33.net ;                                                                          
Instagram: studio33fotografia  ; facebook page: Studio 33).

I was wearing:

+Bershka Profile t-shirt

+Pimkie  long cardigan

+leftiesworld shorts

+Zara Fashion ankle boots

+ASOS Marketplace clutch

+Tezenis tights

* +Claire's Stores  earrings and necklace

* Nagelin nail polish n.080A


21 October 2015


                                                                                      Parque del Oeste, Madrid, Spain. October 2015

Good wednesday evening,

today I'd like to present you a new outfit with the most popular trend of this autumn: the Boho style.

It's a mixture of tendencies that evoke boheme and hippy's culture,in a modern reinterpretation.

During 2004 and 2005 the Boho style had the apex of success with the top model Kate Moss and the

actress Sienna Miller and this year came back in vogue, this summer with white lace dresses and this

autumn especially with suede jackets, dresses and skirts,most of times with franges.

In theme with the boheme and hippy's atmosphere what better location if not the Oueste Park, a

corner of nature in the center of Madrid.

I'll start with the jacket that I bought in a small shop in the center of Madrid, but you'll find

everywhere (in Bershka, Stradivarius, Zara....there are similar models). It's a suede jacket with fringes

in the front and in the back and is perfect for this season, now as a daily jacket and in the next

months, when the temperature will be lowered, as a cardigan under the coat. If you prefer a more

casual style you could combine it with a pair of jeans or trousers and brown boots. It's trendy and

comfortable: the tissue is really soft.

Regarding the dress is a bit boheme a bit romantic: is a long decolletè dress, with an original

embroidery in the center and an elephant print on the bottom. It's a lightweight dress that you could

wear also this spring and summer and combine, as I did, with a pair of high heels shoes or, in the next

hot seasons, with sandals.

This time I didn't use accessories as bags or hats 'cause I preferred a simple look. In fact I

 emphasized make up, opting for a dark purple lipstick and dark eyeshadow. In the same color but in

 light shades are the earrings and bracelets, with a flower design, in keeping with the outfit and the


First to greet you I'd like to thanks all the people that are visiting my blog, especially new followers

from Russia and neighboring countries.

See you at the next post!!!!

Special thanks to the photographer June Sotto (facebook page JUNE SOTTO photography)

I was wearing:

* Simbolo, Madrid (calle Preciados) suede jacket

+Sheinside long dress

+Bijou Brigitte flower earrings and bracelet

* p2 Cosmetics purple lipstick n.050

+Kiko Milano España french manicure nail polishes n. 203 and 209

* Max Moda Italy shoes


15 October 2015


                                                                                   Parque del Oeste, Madrid, Spain. October 2015

Dear friends,

after almost one year in Barcelona I moved to the capital of Spain: Madrid. 

I'm used to travel a lot, make new experiences, meet new people and know different habits and 

lifestyles. It's hard at the beginning, but over time you'll realize that your life is getting interesting.

Everything started in 2012, in Huelva, Andalusia, where I did my Erasmus and I had the opportunity 

to live in an international environment and from that time I never stopped.

Now I'm living in Madrid and I'll devote to my passion for the fashion industry, so I'll do 

specialized courses in fashion and luxury marketing, hoping to find a good job in this field.

This photoshoot was realized in the Oeste Park, close to Moncloa metro station, in the center of the 

city, and I opted for a classic outfit, emphasizing make up and accessories.

The lace blouse I wear was one of this year's trends, you've certainly seen it in a lot of stores in 

different models. In my opinion is really fashionable and depending on your personal style, you 

could combine it with a pair of black leather leggins or a pair of ripped jeans, in typical urban style, 

but also with a skirt, as I did, if you prefer a romantic-modern style.

About the skirt is one of the must of this autumn-winter: the leather skirt! This one is more classic, 

but now you will see in the shops a lot of leather mini-skirts with zippers, fringes and studs.

Where're in autumn so it's time for wearing tights and why not be original also with it! I opted for 

this polka dot tights that I combined with a pair of wedge ankle boot.

Regarding the accessories I chose a pair of golden earrings bought on the online-store Asos 

marketplace and a wonderful clutch, very chic, a little bit eccentric and very italian !!!!

Before to greet you I'd like to talk about make up. I recommend this lipstick, from the Kiko new 

collection, 'cause is long lasting, so you haven't to worry and  put it more time if you drink or eat 

something....or if you kiss somebody!

Have a nice week end and.... Hasta pronto!!!!

special thanks to the photographer June Sotto (facebook page JUNE SOTTO photography)

I was wearing:

+Sheinside  lace blouse

+Bershka Profile skirt

+Calzedonia polka dot tights

+Tosca Blu clutch

+ASOS Marketplace golden earrings

+Kiko Milano España matte muse lipstick n.04


10 October 2015


                                           Plaza de Sant Felip Neri, El barrio gotico, Barcelona, Spain. October 2015

Dear friends,

first of all I'd like to thank everybody for visiting my blog. In the last two months the number of 

visits increased a lot so I'm really happy, especially 'cause you come from everywhere: Spain, Italy,

USA, Germany, UK, Japan, France, Belgium, Norway, Australia, Cambogia, Mexico..... thank you

so much!!!!! I hope that week after week I'll get better....it's like a job, you need experience  =) !

For this post, that will be the last in Barcelona, I chose as location El barrio gotico, a place situated in

the center of the city, close to plaza Catalunya and Las ramblas. Here you'll find a lot of historical 

monuments, as the Cathedral, plaza del Rey, plaza de Sant Jaume and a lot of museums.

Especially I chose plaza de sant Felip Neri as favorite location, for its evocative corners. Here, 

during the civil wa, Franco's military aircrafts bombed the square and a lot of children died: you 

could see still nowadays the signs of bombs in the wall.

Today I opted for a ribbed olive green dress, long and stretch, that you could combine with a 

leather jacket, black or brown, and a pair of elegant shoes, mocassin style as I wear, but also with a

pair of white sneakers. To be honest I love contrasts and now are very trendy: as you could see in a

lot of advertisings and fashion catalogs is cool to combine elegant dresses with sneakers or a casual 

outfit (jeans and a simple t-shirt) with high heels.

This comfortable and versatile outfit is suitable for a day outfit as well as for an evening one, it's 

 urban and trendy. 

I suggest to use big accessories like collars with big gems or colorful necklaces that draw attention. 

If you want to be at the top don't forget to wear a black hat or a scarf, will give you a touch of 

class....and enjoy!!!! I think that to choose an outfit should be always a pleasure, a way to unleash the

creativity. As says John Galliano: "The joy of dressing is an art !!!!!"

Special thanks to the photographer Carlos Prieto ( facebook page Carlos Prieto photographer)

I was wearing:

+Stradivarius  long dress

* Max Moda Italy shoes

+Suiteblanco pineapple bag

*  +Pull&Bear  hat

+Stradivarius  collar

*  +Liu Jo black swatch

+Bijou Brigitte gold ring

* I am red ring


3 October 2015


                                                                                                      El born, Barcelona, Spain. Oct. 2015

Dear friends,

here I came again, this time for showing you a photoshoot realized in Barcelona, the city where I

lived for 10 months and worked as fashion advisor for Mango.

These months were very intenses, I had a lot of problems, difficulties that  people used to live abroad

could understand: cohabitation, integration, cultural diversity (Barcelona is an international city but

catalan lifestyle is totally different from the spanish one. Catalans, generally speacking, are close

minded and not welcoming or agreeable as spanish people) turbulent love stories.....However, as all

the negative experiences, was useful to mature and, anyway,  I keep positive memories about good

friendship that I did there, especially I'd like to thank my german friend Anne and my argentinian

friend and workmate Sarah with I shared my passion for fashion and I started to write this blog.

I never talked you about myself, so, step by step, I'll do. I'm graduated in Law (I studied at the

University of  Milan) but I always had two passions: the fashion world and  the journalism. When I

was at the high school I was editor and director of the school newspaper, so this blog enclose both my


In this post you could see one of the most popular touristic places of Barcelona, "El born", situated in

the center of the city. Is very characteristic, with its ancient alleys, full of people looking for

souvenirs in one of the many shops or boutiques or taking a glass of cava, sangria, mojito... in some

bar. Until 2-3 a.m. you could stay in the center and enjoy your time in a terrace or in a pub with

friends surrounded by people from everywhere.

As you could see I wear a summer outfit 'cause the weather is still good during the day, even if not

for long. It's a long dress, light and stretch so not ideal for long walks or for dancing but perfect for

going out with friends in the afternoon or for your free time in the city. It fits well so could exalts

your shapes without being coarse.

Combined with it I chose I small bucket bag, with the same printing horizontal lines and a pair of

jewel flat sandals.

Regarding the accessories I opted for a gold anchor necklace paired with anchor earrings and a big

red ring, in a flower shape.

This outfit is easy, so you could focus on the accessories, like a big hat or big sunglasses or a scarf in

 marine style.

Hope you'll like it and have a good w.e. !!!!

Special thanks to the photographer Carlos Prieto ( facebook page Carlos Prieto photographer)

I was wearing:

+Bershka Profile  long dress

+Stradivarius  jewel sandals

+Suiteblanco bucket bag

+ASOS Marketplace  swatch

+ASOS Marketplace anchor necklace

* I am anchor earrings, red ring, blue ring

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