31 March 2016


                                                                                               Hotel Quirinale, Rome, Italy. March, 2016

    " Dimmi cos’è, cos’è
che batte forte, forte, forte in fondo al cuore,
che ci toglie il respiro e ci parla d’amore....
      Grazie Roma "

Good morning my friends,
today I’ve the pleasure to write to you from one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Rome.
I’m here for doing a public competition, so unfortunately not for vacation, but on my free time
I’m taking some pics for my blog. Tonight I had the opportunity, thanks to Booking’s great 
offers, to stay in a very luxury hotel, the Quirinale Hotel, where I realized this photoshoot. I 
chose for this outfit a medium-length shirt dress that I combined with bow shoes bought this 
winter during a travel in Lisbon with my mother. Regarding accessories, as I said many times, 
I’ve a particular passion for big earrings and that I wear are so romantic, in mood with 
Rome and Italy in general (yes, we’re very romantic and passional people ^_^).  


Buongiorno amici,
oggi ho il piacere di scrivervi da una delle più belle città del mondo: Roma. Sono qui per 
fare un concorso, sfortunatamente non per vacanza, ma nel tempo libero ne approfitto
per fare qualche scatto per il mio blog. Questa notte, grazie a una fantastica offerta di 
Booking, ho avuto l’opportunità di dormire in un hotel favoloso, l’Hotel Quirinale, che ho 
poi scelto come location per questo post. L’outfit che vi presento è composto da un abito a 
camicia di media lunghezza che ho abbinato a delle francesine con fiocco comprate 
quest’inverno durante un viaggio a Lisbona con mia mamma. Come ho detto spesso 
amo gli orecchini grandi e questi che indosso, a forma di cuore, penso rappresentino 
bene il nostro spirito romantico e passionale di italiani. 


  • Special thanks to the photographer +simone eusepi : www.simoneeusepi.it (Facebook page: Simone Eusepi Photographer )

  • Special thanks to +Hotel Quirinale for giving me the permission to realize this photoshoot

I was wearing: 

+H&M dress

 Guimarães shoes

+Blanco earrings

+Misako Shop clutch

+Mochitti sunglasses

+Liu Jo swatch


24 March 2016


                                                                                      Templo de Debod, Madrid, Spain. March, 2016.

Can words describe the fragrance of the very                            breath of spring?

Good night everybody,
how are you? Here in Madrid days are so pleasant and people are always on the street taking
advantage of good weather and Easter's ceremonies. This is one of the best period for visiting
Madrid and the place I chose as location is a very suggestive "tourist stop", situated in the city center.
 Today I want to introduce a simple outfit, mini skater dress in leatherette with a fan-neck jacket,
 combined with python print ankle-boots and tribal accessories. I love boots and I think are perfects
 also in this season....combined with short dresses or mini skirts are sexy and glam!
 Regarding accessories I opted for big earrings and a showy necklace, in aztec style, for better
 standing out my outfit. Simple look, strong accessories ^_^
 Finally I'd like to report you a new trend for the hair: the wet effect! It's useful also for keeping in
 place your hair (I've always this problem in every photoshoot) and nourishing it at the same
 time if you use a non-greasy oil!

 Kisses and happy Easter!


Buonanotte amici,
a partire da oggi voglio scrivere il mio blog anche in italiano, essendo la mia lingua nativa. In passato
ho optato solo per l'inglese, essendo internazionalmente usato, ma penso sia giusto e doveroso dare
importanza a una lingua che, seppur parlata solo in Italia, è bellissima e fa parte di me.
Da tre anni vivo in Spagna (ho vissuto a Huelva, Alicante, Barcellona e ora Madrid) e ho deciso di
creare questo blog per unire le mie tre passioni: la moda, i viaggi e la scrittura.
Questo post è stato realizzato in una delle mete turistiche di Madrid, situato nel centro della città, a 5
 minuti da piazza di Spagna e dalla Granvia (la famosa via dei negozi e ristoranti).
 Nell'outfit che ho scelto indosso un abito semplice in similpelle, modello skater, che ho abbinato a
 una giacca con scollo a ventaglio e un paio di stivaletti pitonati. A mio parere i polacchini sono
 perfetti anche in questa stagione e se abbinati con vestiti o gonne corte sono molto sexy e alla
 moda. Per meglio risaltare questo look semplice ho deciso di azzardare con gli accessori, scegliendo
 orecchini grandi e un collier in stile tribale.
 Vorrei segnalarvi infine un ultimo trend in tema di capelli: l'effetto bagnato, ottimo per mantenere
 sempre in ordine i capelli e al tempo stesso per nutrirli (basta usare un olio che non unga).

 Un bacione e buona Pasqua!


    Special thanks to the photographer PIERO BRAZZINI  (https://es.litmind.com/pierobrazzini; 

     instagram: PIEROBRAZZINI77)

   I was wearing:

  * +Zara Fashion  skater dress

  * +Bershka jacket

  * +MANGO ankle boots

  * +Pollini Spa bag

  * +ASOS necklace

  *  +C&A España  earrings

  * +Bershka rings

  * +Testanera Italia Gliss oil elixir


12 March 2016


                                                                                Vilassar de Mar, Barcelona, Spain. March, 2016

      " The voice of the sea speaks to the soul "

Good morning my friends,

today I want to change and introduce a different kind of post and look. As you can see in my

biography I'm italian but I live in Spain since three years and one of the cities where I lived was

Barcelona. It's famous for its lifestyle, clubs and monuments, but I've to admit has wonderful

places, especially on the coast you could find places as Vilassar de Mar, Sitges and many others with

amazing beaches. I love chilling out at the beach, I think is the best way to remove stress and forget

problems: is the best therapy.

Just for this I decided to realize a post there, adding some nice accessory to the basic bikini-look, like

a flowers crown and an embroidered kimono....you never know how the day could close, perhaps

drinking a glass of wine on the beach at sunset!!!

Hope you like it and have a nice weekend!!!


Special thanks to the photographer Chris Handel ( facebook page: Chris Handel Photography)

I was wearing:

+Tezenis  bikini

+Zara Fashion kimono


+Swarovski earrings & necklace

+ALE-HOP flowers crown

+Kiko Milano España turquoise nail polish n.854


2 March 2016


                                                                                             Palacio Real, Madrid, Spain. March, 2016.

Maybe it's not about the happy ending.... 
                                     Maybe it's about the story

Good morning my fashion friends,

today I want to introduce a post realized in the Madrid Royal Palace's gardens. This place is just

next to the spanish Royal Family's residence, it's really quiet and you can enjoy a very nice view; it's

just 15 minuts walk from the citycenter. Moreover, on the first Wednesday of the month, at 12:00,

you could attend the changing of the royal guard.

In this post I decided to wear a casual-chic look, using black, white and dark-burgundy as dominant

colors. I gave more space to accessories, especially to the fur collar, warm and showy, perfect for

overcoming cold days without ever being unfashionable.

Considering I chose to emphasize the upper part of my look I  opted for a black dress with an

asymmetrical skirt, as it's using now on the catwalks, combined with a crocodile-print clutch and

boots. Indeed  another trend of this year is to use animal print accessories and clothes ( zebra/

python/ leopard...).

I'd like also to make a short consideration about make-up: the color I chose for my lips will be the

color of this spring-summer collection. I suggest you to choose a long-lasting model, for being

always perfect ( without having to go every time to the toilets for fixing it).

Have a nice week!


Special thanks to the photographer: FERNANDO GARCIA TERCERO      ( http://tercerophoto.wix.com/tercero )

and he's assistant: ALVARO  DE GREGORIO SANCHEZ
www.flickr.com/photos/alvaro_grego/ )

I was wearing:

+Zara Fashion  jacket

+Bershka dress

+Conbipel Official  collar

+PITTARELLO boots (previous collection)

* Anna Cecere clutch

+Bershka rings

+Kiko Milano España  long-lasting lipstick n.11

+Kiko Milano España  nail polish n. 319

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