24 December 2015


                                                             Hotel Eurostar Das Letras, Lisbon, Portugal. December, 2015.

"I only drink champagne on two occasions: 
                  when I am in love and when I am not"

Dear friends,

hope you're on holidays celebrating X-mas festivity with family and relaxing after work!!!!!

I received visits from Italy so I took the opportunity for visiting a new country: Portugal.

I went to Lisbon, a really suggestive city, not so big as Madrid or other capitals, but is

very enchanting. I felt in love with its colors and suggestive corners!!!

During all the time I was there I had the sensation to be in a nostalgic city, I couldn't explain it, but I

had this impression. However Lisbon is a cosy city  with welcoming people, nice and friendly!

These days I stayed in a wonderful hotel situated in the city center, close to the main street Avenida

da Libertade, so, considering was a stunning hotel, I decided to use it as location for my blog!!!!

I'm really satisfied of the result: in a few days I organized the photoshoot with a portuguese

photographer, Nelson Rodrigues da Costa, and we did two photoshoots in a party-mood, this one

realized inside the hotel were I was, and the other one, in one of the most popular and charming

places of Lisbon.

This post is dedicated to the typical party outfit, especially to the ideal outfit for New Year's Day


Missing a few days and we'll be in the 2016 so we have to celebrate with a big crazy party for

forgetting all the 2015's bad moments.

In Italy we say that on this special occasion we just need good friends, good food, good champagne

and a pair of red panties as sign of good luck in love for the new year.

The perfect outfit for New Year's Day party requires a flashy dress or in general a showy look: you

could choose, as I did, a sparkly dress, in pink, gold or silver color, or you could opt for a simple

black dress combined with red or golden accessories.

This night is the most crazy night of the year so you've to dare with a strong look, something not

usual or customary, something that draw attention.

I picked out a totally sparkly look....using colors not so flashy as gold or silver, but more soft as pink

for the dress and black for the sandals. In this case I'm sparkly, as should be for this occasion,

without being excessive or ridiculous.

Finally, before wishing you Merry X-Mas, I'd like to point out  that an original funny clutch as I

wear, with the "Bossy" print, could give a touch of personality to your look!!!!

Have a nice day!!!!! Best wishes and see you soon!!!!


 Special thanks to the photographer : +Nelson Rodrigues da Costa ( facebook page: NRC  Photography - The Path of Light and Shadows)

I was wearing: 

* Isabel Duque sparkly dress

+ZAPSHOP  sandals

+ASOS leopard fur jacket

+ASOS "Bossy" clutch

+rosegal  earrings and necklace


14 December 2015


                                                                        Paseo de la Castellana, Madrid, Spain. December, 2015.

I'm in love with cities I've never been to and                            people I've never met

Dear friends,

how are you? Hope you spent a nice weekend!!!!

I received visits from Italy: my mother came here in Madrid and we're visiting as tourists all the

museums, theaters, X-mas markets and shops the city offers.

On Wednesday we're going to visit Portugal, especially  Lisbon and Sintra....we're planning

everything and I'm very exciting....I'm so curious to be in Lisbon: it's a suggestive city and,

furthermore, I like portuguese, its musicality and its nostalgic feeling, that inspired a lot of songs in

the typical Fado's mood.

However today I'll show you a new post realized in the Madrid business area. The "Paseo de la

Castellana" is one of the longest and widest avenues of Madrid: actually is the place where are

concentrated all the spanish companies headquarters and there you could find the " Cuatro Torres

Business Area " (CTBA), a place with the highest skyscrapers of Spain.

I purposely chose this suggestive space as location for this new post, in typical streetstyle look and


I'm a girl used to travel and live abroad, in fact Madrid is the fourth Spanish city where I live, and as

a traveler, a fashionable traveler, can't miss in my fringes backpack a pair of  ripped jeans, the must-

have of this year!!!!You'll see them everywhere and in a lot of models (more or less ripped) and

colors (black, white, grey, denim....). They aren't obviously recommended for going to work or for a

formal and elegant look, instead are more suitable for a casual outfit. In my opinion are really glam

and sexy! I decided to not wear them with the so populars b&w Adidas sneakers  (you certainly

saw them on Instagram or on Facebook): I like them, have a nice design for being sneakers, but I

preferred opting for a pair of high heels (not so high this time).

Another highlight of this outfit are the H&M earrings: I love them....are  showy and flashy and

big....as in my personal tastes have to be earrings when miss a necklace or a collar.

Stylish and in a preppy mood is the beige coat: warm and trendy, fits well, especially thanks to the

belt tightenning the  waist.

It's a simple look but trendy and chic: it's a casual-chic outfit, we can say!!!!

Hope you like this post and see you at the next time!

Have a great day and week!


*Special thanks to the photographer: Piero Brazzini (https://es.litmind.com/pierobrazzini;    Instagram: PIEROBRAZZINI77).

I was wearing:

+Bershka  beige coat

+Sheinside shirt

+Bershka ripped jeans

+GUESS  belt

+Primark backpack

+H&M  earrings

+Primark  rings


9 December 2015


                                                                     Fuente de Neptuno, Madrid, Spain. December 2015

“Always dress like you’re going to see your worst enemy ”

Dear friends,

thanks for visiting my blog and my google+ page, I’m very satisfied with these results. 

I always had a passion for the fashion world but I waited, too much,before starting this blog, 

therefore your visits and positive comments contribute a lot to strengthening my project.

On each post I’m trying to show you the trendiest items according to magazines, fashion 

blogs and social media’s upshots, always adding my personal touch. 

In my opinion it’s simple to be fashion (just copy most popular looks), but it’s harder to be 

original. Fashion is a form of art that, since its origins, tooks inspiration from society and 

continuously influences people. It’s something complex and fascinating at the same time. 

Today I’ll present a new post realized in the Canovas del Castillo Square, famous for its 

fountain representing the god Neptune, where Atletico Madrid’s supporters gather for 

celebrating their football team’s victory. 

For this post I chose an outfit that could be chic and modern, quite flashy for its colors but 

really glam for my tastes. 

The highlight of this outfit is the faux fur coat,medium length and in leopard print. Is soft, 

fits well to body shapes and keeps you warm. Moreover is one of the “must-have” of this

season, together with the faux-fur, that you could see on jackets and coats as much as on 

accessories, especially collars and bags. Leopard print is not so difficult to combine with 

other colors: match well with brown, gold and black (that’s why I chose a black shoulder 

bag),but also with red, preferably in a dark shade, as the Mango’s suede jumpsuit I wear.

Regarding shoes I opted for a pair of open-toe with high heels, in the same color of the dress 

and with fringes. I love this shoes...are gritty and stylish, only a little bit uncomfortables,but 

on the other hand if you want to look good you’ve to suffer a little bit. As said the fashion 

designer Brian Atwood “ life is short, heels shouldn't be.”

Hope you like this look and have a good day!!!


*Special thanks to the photographer: Piero Brazzini (https://es.litmind.com/pierobrazzini; instagram: PIEROBRAZZINI77)

I was wearing:

+Pull&Bear leopard coat

+MANGO  red jumpsuit

+ZAPSHOP fringes shoes

+Primark bag

+Bijou Brigitte  necklace

* I am red ring


3 December 2015


                                                                                        Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain. December, 2015

“Cinderella proof a new pair of shoes can change your life      


Dear friends,

today I want to inaugurate this beginning of December with a new post, realized in the 

central “Plaza Mayor”, a big square used by Madrilenians as meeting point for attending 

concerts or exhibitions and in this month for a walk between Christmas markets. Since the 

end of November all the city is decorated with nice colorful lights and Christmas ornaments, 

like the typical Christmas tree. When I arrived here some friends told me that the best 

period for visiting Madrid is precisely on Xmas. 

Moreover the weather is quite good,not so cold as I imagined, so allows to enjoy the city, 

especially during the day, if it’s sunny.

With this post I’ll show you two must-have of the season: the leather skirt and the ankle 


Shoes are the highlight of this look. I particularly like them for their original design and 

quality. The italian stylist, Gianmarco Lorenzi, with this shoes (and all his collection), 

perfectly represents the long tradition about fashion and design we have in Italy, as 

integrated part of our culture.

Coordinated with the shoes are the leather jacket,with a faux-fur collar, and a leather 

vertical stripes skirt, very fashionables and trendys, considering leather, suede and fur as 

the autumn-winter 2015’s hottest items.

Regarding accessories I opted for a small chain shoulder bag and a pair of sunglasses in 

baroque style, gift memory of my previous life in Barcelona.

Hope you like this new outfit and have a good day!!!

See you at the next!


Photographer: Luis Miguel Diez: (facebook page: LuismiX).

I was wearing:

+Gianmarco Lorenzi Official  ankle boots

+Bershka leather jacket

+Stradivarius skirt

+Humana  sweater

+MANGO  chain bag

+Mochitti sunglasses

+MANGO necklace

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