22 July 2015


                                                                                 Playa del Postiguet, Alicante, Spain. June 2, 2015.

Dear friends and fashion lovers,

today I'd like to introduce a post that I particularly like 'cause it's dedicated to one of my favorite

outfits: the long white dress. It's sexy but at the same time very elegant and romantic. I love this

dress with its lace issue that  underlines and exalts the body's curves: is very feminine. It's perfect for

a romantic walk on the seashore or for a cocktail party on the beach. If you have a boyfriend I'm sure

that he'll appreciate a lot.

I purposely chose as location the most popular beach in Alicante: la playa del Postiguet, crowded

with tourists intent on sunbathing during the day and with loving couples at night.

In this post, as you could see, there's something that I proposed in one of the previous posts: the

scorpion symbol, one of the "must have" of this year. It combines perfectly with the style of the

dress: sensual but at the same time very elegant.

As regards the accessories I opted for a red clutch with a jewel locking: simple and very glam. I

advise to don't use big or medium size bags with evening or night dresses, especially in case of

elegant outfits: with a small handbag you'll be always perfects and impeccables.

The same about the jewelry: minimal and refined and always shiny.

For this occasion, as I was on the beach, I couldn't forget a glam white big hat by the vintage touch.


  Special thanks to the photographer J. Enzo ( www.jenzo.jimdo.com)

  I was wearing:

GXG Barcelona white dress ( similar on www.shein.com)

* +Bershka Profile  black roses kimono

* Max Moda Italia scorpion shoes

* +Tosca Blu  red clutch

* +SHANKARA STORE  big hat

+Swarovski  earrings and necklace


17 July 2015


                                                                          Mercado Central, Alicante, Spain, July 1, 2015.

Goodnight everybody,

today I'll dedicate my post to the urban style, but in my personal version.

As could you see I chose as a location the center of Alicante: el Mercado central, with its colorful

streets and some nice corners, close to "el barrio antiguo", the oldest and most suggestive part of the

city, with its alleys in the typical spanish style.

I like the white, 'cause is very versatile: could be very sexy as well as elegant and simple, and you

could combine with  everything.

In summer is the best if you have a nice tan, 'cause could highlight it.

In this post I chose gold accessories and jellow-black shoes, in order to vary a little bit and don't use

the classic B &W.

For this outfit I opted for accessories with  the lion and jaguar pattern, always trendy and suitables for

every occasion.

The earrings and the necklace are an Asos marketplace's purchase. This web page is very common,

especially in UK, and is a source of  ideas for a cheap shopping, but at the same time amazing and


To close with a flourish couldn't miss a pair of italian shoes, with high heels, 'cause as I always say

never go out without high heels: emphasize the silhouette and the womanhood of every woman.

Special thanks to the photographer  Alejandro Jimenez (Facebook page: El bunker fotografico, Web site: https://www.flickr.com/photos/el_bunker_fotografico)

I was wearing:

* +Zara Fashion   white dress

+Primadonna Collection  shoes

* +Misako Shop  clutch

Romwe belt

* +ASOS Marketplace  lion earrings and necklace

+MANGO  jaguar ring

* Claire's gold coins bracelet


14 July 2015


                                                                     Castillo de Santa Barbara, Alicante, Spain.  July, 6, 2015.

Hi friends and fashion lovers,

hope you're spending a pleasant mid-July's day, maybe on vacation, I hope so.

Today I'll introduce you a pattern that I particularly like: the butterfly.

In my opinion is very feminine and gives me the freedom's feeling: one of the most important things

 in life. Moreover is a typical spring and summer symbol.

This outfit is ideal for going out with friends and having a coffe together or, if you're used to wear

high heels a long time without suffering too much, for going to work.

This dress is very cool and confortable, as well as original. You could buy it online, in a very famous

web page: Sheinside (www.shein.com). You'll find there a lot of nice dresses and accesories: it's a big

online store, suitable for a wide range of customers: there are elegant maxi dresses or  bodycon

sexy dresses, evening or day clothes, tribal or floral tops, vintage or casual t-shirts.....in short, there's

something for all tastes.

This youthful dress combines well with white lace shoes, with high heels in this case, but also with a

pair of flip flops or bow flats shoes.

To complete this simple but not banal outfit don't forget  a medium size colorful bag.

Special thanks to the photografer Fran Romo (Facebook page: FRP Fotografia).

I was wearing:

*  +Sheinside  butterfly dress

* +Bershka Profile  white lace high heels shoes

 Lisetta Paoletti bag

+Pimkie  pink ring

* +ASOS Marketplace  light blue ring


10 July 2015


                                                                               El barrio de Santa Cruz, Alicante, Spain, July, 2015.

Good friday afternoon,

hope you are enjoying this summer days. Here in Barcelona it's very hot, but luckily when it's

possible we can go to the beach and take a refreshing swim.

As I said in the previous post I'll dedicate these first posts to my holidays in Alicante.

Today I'll show you another nice place, not so much tourist but lovely, it's a little jewel of the city:

El barrio de Santa Cruz. It's  located close to the center, exactly close to la Rambla Mendez Nuñez,

but in the high part of the city.

I chose this location 'cause is very peculiar and the colors of the street and houses combine well with

 my colorful dress.

As you may have noticed I love colors, especially in spring or summer. Makes me in a good mood.

With this outfit you could see my style and my preferences about shopping.

I like to buy clothes in stores but also online and there you could find the most original things: online

there's more selection.

In the small shops and in the little street markets or by internet you could buy original dresses or

accessories at a budget price. All you need is a good eye, a good taste and patience, 'cause the worst

enemy for a good shopping is precisely the rush.

Hope you will like it and.....have a good week end!!!!!

Special thanks to the photographer Alejandro Jimenez (Facebook page: El bunker fotografico, Web site: https://www.flickr.com/photos/el_bunker_fotografico)

I was wearing:

* Raquel Parodi store summer dress

* +Primadonna Collection  shoes

* +DressLily  studded mouth bag

* +Bijou Brigitte  necklace

* Romwe belt

* +ASOS Marketplace  light blue ring

* +MANGO  jaguar ring

* Claire's little red mouth earrings


5 July 2015


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                                                                     Castillo de Santa Barbara, Alicante, Spain. July 1, 2015

Good night everybody,

I've just come back from Alicante where I spent some days on holidays with friends.

Since the end of september I'm living in Barcelona, the most international city in Spain.

However I'd like to dedicate these first posts to the city where I spent seven wonderful months in

2014, so you'll see in this post and in the nexts some photoshoots realized in the most amazing

Alicante's places.

Today I want to show you some charming cornes of the Alicante's castle.

From the towers you'll enjoy the panoramic view of the city and the coast, especially the  famous

beach "playa del Postiguet".

In this photoshoot I wear a typical summer dress, that I've just bought taking advantage of sales.

The dress is very comfortable and you could wear it for a walk in the center or for an afternoon

 cocktail party on the beach.

I love accessories and this dress is perfect with gold jewelry, big glam hat and sunglasses.

Lastly  I'll introduce a new trend of this year: the scorpio pattern, that you could see in shoes, dresses

and accessories: it's one of the 2015 fashion "must".

The point is to be able to make good combinations, depending on your own style and  body type,

 'cause as Coco Chanel said, fashion is architecture: it's a matter of proportions.

Special thanks to the photografer Fran Romo (Facebook page: FRP Fotografia).

I was wearing:

* +H&M  summer red roses dress

* +SHANKARA STORE  white hat

* Galaxia Barcelona scorpio sandals

* +Tosca Blu   clutch

* +ASOS  black belt

+ASOS Marketplace  "YSL earrings"

* Ale-hop starfishes necklace

* Claire's gold chain bracelet

* +MANGO  jaguar ring

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