5 July 2015


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                                                                     Castillo de Santa Barbara, Alicante, Spain. July 1, 2015

Good night everybody,

I've just come back from Alicante where I spent some days on holidays with friends.

Since the end of september I'm living in Barcelona, the most international city in Spain.

However I'd like to dedicate these first posts to the city where I spent seven wonderful months in

2014, so you'll see in this post and in the nexts some photoshoots realized in the most amazing

Alicante's places.

Today I want to show you some charming cornes of the Alicante's castle.

From the towers you'll enjoy the panoramic view of the city and the coast, especially the  famous

beach "playa del Postiguet".

In this photoshoot I wear a typical summer dress, that I've just bought taking advantage of sales.

The dress is very comfortable and you could wear it for a walk in the center or for an afternoon

 cocktail party on the beach.

I love accessories and this dress is perfect with gold jewelry, big glam hat and sunglasses.

Lastly  I'll introduce a new trend of this year: the scorpio pattern, that you could see in shoes, dresses

and accessories: it's one of the 2015 fashion "must".

The point is to be able to make good combinations, depending on your own style and  body type,

 'cause as Coco Chanel said, fashion is architecture: it's a matter of proportions.

Special thanks to the photografer Fran Romo (Facebook page: FRP Fotografia).

I was wearing:

* +H&M  summer red roses dress

* +SHANKARA STORE  white hat

* Galaxia Barcelona scorpio sandals

* +Tosca Blu   clutch

* +ASOS  black belt

+ASOS Marketplace  "YSL earrings"

* Ale-hop starfishes necklace

* Claire's gold chain bracelet

* +MANGO  jaguar ring



  1. J'adore Sophia! !!!!
    Tu es tres belle, chic et a la mode! !!!!

    1. Merci Patrizia!!!!! Tu es tres amable! !!!

  2. Amazing photos! So beautiful, I love the style and colours! Kisses

    1. Thanks Sarah!!!!!!
      Yes is a colorful post 'cause I love colors in my outfits and in my life :-) make me happy!!!!

  3. Stunning Sophia!! :)
    I really really like your clothes and your style :)

  4. Thanks Livia!!!! You're very nice :-)
    It's a simple look but with my "personal touch" jejeje....


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