17 July 2015


                                                                          Mercado Central, Alicante, Spain, July 1, 2015.

Goodnight everybody,

today I'll dedicate my post to the urban style, but in my personal version.

As could you see I chose as a location the center of Alicante: el Mercado central, with its colorful

streets and some nice corners, close to "el barrio antiguo", the oldest and most suggestive part of the

city, with its alleys in the typical spanish style.

I like the white, 'cause is very versatile: could be very sexy as well as elegant and simple, and you

could combine with  everything.

In summer is the best if you have a nice tan, 'cause could highlight it.

In this post I chose gold accessories and jellow-black shoes, in order to vary a little bit and don't use

the classic B &W.

For this outfit I opted for accessories with  the lion and jaguar pattern, always trendy and suitables for

every occasion.

The earrings and the necklace are an Asos marketplace's purchase. This web page is very common,

especially in UK, and is a source of  ideas for a cheap shopping, but at the same time amazing and


To close with a flourish couldn't miss a pair of italian shoes, with high heels, 'cause as I always say

never go out without high heels: emphasize the silhouette and the womanhood of every woman.

Special thanks to the photographer  Alejandro Jimenez (Facebook page: El bunker fotografico, Web site: https://www.flickr.com/photos/el_bunker_fotografico)

I was wearing:

* +Zara Fashion   white dress

+Primadonna Collection  shoes

* +Misako Shop  clutch

Romwe belt

* +ASOS Marketplace  lion earrings and necklace

+MANGO  jaguar ring

* Claire's gold coins bracelet


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