15 January 2016


                                                                                                 Alfama, Lisbon, Portugal. January, 2016

                                     ....The world is a book and those who 

 don't travel read only one page.....

Good afternoon and especially good friday....yes, weekend will start soon!!!!!!

Today I realized a post a little bit different from the others.....is not the typical photoshoot, it's more

like a collection of photos taken on my holidays in Lisbon.

Portugal is really charming and Lisbon is a suggestive city, above all the places I'll show you here:

the Alfama district, the oldest and highest part of Lisbon, with its quaint alleyways and its sea

glimpses and the Almada's Cristo Rei monument, who impressively dominates on the Atlantic Ocean.

Another obligatory stop is the "25 of April bridge" where you could enjoy the view over the whole

city of Lisbon.

For this post I wear two simple but nice and fashionable outfits, comfortables for a traveler girl,

without never being anonymous.

Hope you'll like and have a nice weekend!



I was wearing:

+Tally Weijl  "american flag" jeans

+Tosca Blu shoulder bag

+Bershka red coat

+ASOS dress

+ASOS Marketplace  necklace

+Stradivarius shoes


5 January 2016


Praça do Comércio, Lisbon, Portugal. January, 2016

    Lisboa, velha cidade, Cheia de encanto e beleza!
   Sempre a sorrir tão formosa 
   e no vestir sempre airosa
      O branco véu da saudade, cobre o teu rosto 
 linda princesa

Dear friends,
happy new year, hope you enjoyed the New Year's Eve, with a big party and with good 
friends!!! For me was amazing, especially 'cause I spent time with my best friend and ex 
flatmate with I lived in Barcelona last year!!!!!

Today I'd like to introduce you a new post realized in a very suggestive place, Praca do 
Comercio, a big square in the center of Lisbon, surrounded by the river Tago. From there 
you could see the "25 of April" bridge and the "Cristo rei" monument inspired by the Rio 
de Janeiro's Christ statue.

This outfit is a typical "night look" and I decided to use, as contrast, a location unusual for 
the style I was wearing and I think the result is good! Hope you think the same!!!

Considering Lisbon is a colorful city I opted for deep shades, as you can see for the dark-red 
fur coat and the clutch, that is one of my favourites for its colors and especially for the 

To well combine these strong tones I chose a black jumpsuit, elegant and sexy, with its 
necklines. This jumpsuit is double-use: could be perfect as night garment, as I did, but 
could be also a perfect day-dress, over a white blouse. You can play with the accessories: 
smalls for a day outfit, bigger and flashy for a night look.

Don't miss original shoes, preferably with high heels: will be a special touch of glam!

Hope you like this new post, the first of 2016, and see you soon!


 Special thanks to the photographer : +Nelson Rodrigues da Costa ( facebook page: NRC  Photography - The Path of Light and Shadows)

I was wearing:

+Bershka fur coat

+Bershka jumpsuit

+Primark shoes

+ASOS clutch

+Primark earrings

+Primark necklace

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