14 December 2015


                                                                        Paseo de la Castellana, Madrid, Spain. December, 2015.

I'm in love with cities I've never been to and                            people I've never met

Dear friends,

how are you? Hope you spent a nice weekend!!!!

I received visits from Italy: my mother came here in Madrid and we're visiting as tourists all the

museums, theaters, X-mas markets and shops the city offers.

On Wednesday we're going to visit Portugal, especially  Lisbon and Sintra....we're planning

everything and I'm very exciting....I'm so curious to be in Lisbon: it's a suggestive city and,

furthermore, I like portuguese, its musicality and its nostalgic feeling, that inspired a lot of songs in

the typical Fado's mood.

However today I'll show you a new post realized in the Madrid business area. The "Paseo de la

Castellana" is one of the longest and widest avenues of Madrid: actually is the place where are

concentrated all the spanish companies headquarters and there you could find the " Cuatro Torres

Business Area " (CTBA), a place with the highest skyscrapers of Spain.

I purposely chose this suggestive space as location for this new post, in typical streetstyle look and


I'm a girl used to travel and live abroad, in fact Madrid is the fourth Spanish city where I live, and as

a traveler, a fashionable traveler, can't miss in my fringes backpack a pair of  ripped jeans, the must-

have of this year!!!!You'll see them everywhere and in a lot of models (more or less ripped) and

colors (black, white, grey, denim....). They aren't obviously recommended for going to work or for a

formal and elegant look, instead are more suitable for a casual outfit. In my opinion are really glam

and sexy! I decided to not wear them with the so populars b&w Adidas sneakers  (you certainly

saw them on Instagram or on Facebook): I like them, have a nice design for being sneakers, but I

preferred opting for a pair of high heels (not so high this time).

Another highlight of this outfit are the H&M earrings: I love them....are  showy and flashy and

big....as in my personal tastes have to be earrings when miss a necklace or a collar.

Stylish and in a preppy mood is the beige coat: warm and trendy, fits well, especially thanks to the

belt tightenning the  waist.

It's a simple look but trendy and chic: it's a casual-chic outfit, we can say!!!!

Hope you like this post and see you at the next time!

Have a great day and week!


*Special thanks to the photographer: Piero Brazzini (https://es.litmind.com/pierobrazzini;    Instagram: PIEROBRAZZINI77).

I was wearing:

+Bershka  beige coat

+Sheinside shirt

+Bershka ripped jeans

+GUESS  belt

+Primark backpack

+H&M  earrings

+Primark  rings



  1. You look nice :)

    1. Thank you so much Alex!!!! Kisses from Madrid ^_^

  2. Love your Jacket

    FOLLOW my Blog!!! Maybe we can follow each other!!!

  3. You look beautiful! It looks like it would keep you warm while being fashionable!

    Would love if you check out my blog!
    Raincouver Beauty

    1. thanks Angela!!!!That's true...it's a look comfortable and fashionable at the same time!!!! I'm going to follow you ^_^

  4. This is such a fun and stylish outfit <3 I especially love your backpack!

    Good karma,
    Tatum || AbstractAphrodite

    1. Thanks Tatum!!!!yes,the backpack is stylish and useful!!!!kisses


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