10 October 2015


                                           Plaza de Sant Felip Neri, El barrio gotico, Barcelona, Spain. October 2015

Dear friends,

first of all I'd like to thank everybody for visiting my blog. In the last two months the number of 

visits increased a lot so I'm really happy, especially 'cause you come from everywhere: Spain, Italy,

USA, Germany, UK, Japan, France, Belgium, Norway, Australia, Cambogia, Mexico..... thank you

so much!!!!! I hope that week after week I'll get better....it's like a job, you need experience  =) !

For this post, that will be the last in Barcelona, I chose as location El barrio gotico, a place situated in

the center of the city, close to plaza Catalunya and Las ramblas. Here you'll find a lot of historical 

monuments, as the Cathedral, plaza del Rey, plaza de Sant Jaume and a lot of museums.

Especially I chose plaza de sant Felip Neri as favorite location, for its evocative corners. Here, 

during the civil wa, Franco's military aircrafts bombed the square and a lot of children died: you 

could see still nowadays the signs of bombs in the wall.

Today I opted for a ribbed olive green dress, long and stretch, that you could combine with a 

leather jacket, black or brown, and a pair of elegant shoes, mocassin style as I wear, but also with a

pair of white sneakers. To be honest I love contrasts and now are very trendy: as you could see in a

lot of advertisings and fashion catalogs is cool to combine elegant dresses with sneakers or a casual 

outfit (jeans and a simple t-shirt) with high heels.

This comfortable and versatile outfit is suitable for a day outfit as well as for an evening one, it's 

 urban and trendy. 

I suggest to use big accessories like collars with big gems or colorful necklaces that draw attention. 

If you want to be at the top don't forget to wear a black hat or a scarf, will give you a touch of 

class....and enjoy!!!! I think that to choose an outfit should be always a pleasure, a way to unleash the

creativity. As says John Galliano: "The joy of dressing is an art !!!!!"

Special thanks to the photographer Carlos Prieto ( facebook page Carlos Prieto photographer)

I was wearing:

+Stradivarius  long dress

* Max Moda Italy shoes

+Suiteblanco pineapple bag

*  +Pull&Bear  hat

+Stradivarius  collar

*  +Liu Jo black swatch

+Bijou Brigitte gold ring

* I am red ring



  1. Love this Sophia!! Dark, mysterious and sexy :) Kisses

    1. Thanks honey!!!!!
      P.S. in the previous post I talked about you and my- (our) experience in Barcelona ^_^


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