29 October 2015


                                                                                  Barrio de Malasaña, Madrid, Spain. October 2015

"Real girls aren't perfect, perfect girls aren't real"

Good evening everyone,

today I'd like to share with you this new post about a modern version of Hipster style. This week I

went to Malasaña, a Madrid neighborhood, famous for its vintage shops and nightlife, not by chance

it's called "el barrio de las Maravillas" (Wonderland neighborhood). It's a place with a lot of secrets,

in each corner you could find something really interesting with a particular story behind it. In the

"calle del Pez", for example, you'll see a statue, sculpted by Antonio Santìn Benito, that represent

Julia, a girl that had to disguise herself as a man for studying at University: in the XIX century

the access to higher education was forbidden to women.

Considering that this is the hipster neighborhood I chose an ouftit in urban style, with shorts and

laced ankle boots, a t-shirt with an engaging slogan (I suppose you'll be agree with me, Friday is the

better day of the week) and a long cardigan.

Regarding the accessories I opted for golden ones, especially  for big cross earrings, chane necklace

and black clutch with two golden lion heads embellished with emerald green eyes.

In this post I tried to represent the hipster style, adapting it to my personality, so revisiting it in my

personal way. To be honest I think that hipster culture has interesting points of view, like the pursuit

of uniqueness and unconventionality and this is typical of artists and people with creativity.

"Create your own style....let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others" Anna Wintour

Special thanks to the photographer +Mario Campuzano (web site: http://www.fotostudio33.net ;                                                                          
Instagram: studio33fotografia  ; facebook page: Studio 33).

I was wearing:

+Bershka Profile t-shirt

+Pimkie  long cardigan

+leftiesworld shorts

+Zara Fashion ankle boots

+ASOS Marketplace clutch

+Tezenis tights

* +Claire's Stores  earrings and necklace

* Nagelin nail polish n.080A


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