23 November 2015


                                                                              Templo de Debod, Madrid, Spain. November, 2015.

"Keep the pictures, they never change-only the people in them"

Dear fiends,

hope you had a nice weekend and thanks for all the visits I received  in these days, I'm really glad!

Here in Madrid is a sunny day but cold has just arrived so it's time to throw the coat out of the closet.

Considering is fall, therefore the season with the best colors, I chose as location the gardens around

the "Debod temple", an Egyptian temple from the second century B.C. that consists of a gift from

Egypt to Spain as a reward for the aid in war.

Today I'll introduce you a new post in vintage style, with a modern touch. As you can see I mixed

modern clothes with vintage accessories, especially the hat that recalls the 20's. In fact fashion

industry is constantly looking for innovation, revolution and transgression, but always looks at the

past, taking the cue from it. Vintage fashion is like a cult for a lot of fashion lovers: is not just to

have old clothes or accessories, but it's about an added value that comes from a time before where

every single piece of fabric was unique.

Also make-up is really interesting: cat's eyes, red lips and porcelain skin.....light makeup

but taken care in details: black eye-liner and red lipstick will be essentials!!!!

As I anticipated in previous posts here in Madrid there's a new big Primark store, in the "Granvia"

avenue: I really suggest  to enter and enjoy of this huge store. Seems to be in a shopping center

and there you could find for small prices pieces fashionable and trendy, along with everyday things

(tights, underwear, trinkets, cosmetics.....).it's an obligatory stop for fashion lovers!!!!

Hope you like this post, realized with the great photographer Jesùs Ruiz, which two years ago took

me a very glam photoshoot  on a red Vespa, recalling the italian style "La dolce vita" (it's the first

post on my blog, titled "Around the city by Vespa").

Have a nice day and see you soon!


    Special thanks to the photographer: Jesùs Ruiz (https://www.flickr.com/photos/96529827@N08/)

   I was wearing:

  * +Springfield dress

  * +Stradivarius faux fur coat

 *  Sfera  from +El Corte Inglés  vintage hat

 * +Primark over- knee tights

 * +Primark  bag



  1. absolutely love this Sophia :) So Italian <3

    1. Thank you so much Sarah!!!!
      Your opinion is very important, especially 'cause you're a fashion blogger too as well as a friend <3 <3 <3 kisses from Madrid

  2. Tres belle ton look Sophia! C'est tres élégant!!!! J'aime beaucoup le chapeau et les chaussures!!!!

    1. Merci Patrizia!!!!J'ai voulu essayer un nouveau look!!!! =)

  3. Hello beautiful, Happy New Year !!!! I love your look, we continue ?
    You in Bajoelsombrerodesusan


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