11 August 2015


                                                                                                                     Alicante, Spain. July, 2015.

Good night everybody,

here I am, again for a new post that I'll dedicate to the typical outfit for a summer beach party.

Once again I chose as location Alicante, exactly a restaurant situated in one of the most famous place

of the city: the "Explanada de España". It's a wide street in front of the beach with a lot of

restaurants, snack bars and shops, characterized by a long avenue of palms, with the floor composed

by six million and a half of tiles that draw a wavy colored mosaic.

One of the restaurants where you could eat well and enjoy the very common spanish "siesta" is just at

 the end of this seafront and is called "the little Italy". As italian I couldn't not choose it as location

for this post, especially 'cause I was attracted to the atmosphere, a little bit vintage with its pictures on

the wall that evoke the 60s and its most famous italian stars.

It's summer and I'm in Spain, especially in a place famous for its "fiesta".....every night you could

enjoy your holidays and have fun with friends and spanish people that are very welcoming and

friendly. So I opted for a party dress that I bought on Asos, the popular british e-store.

When I go to a party I like to wear something out of the ordinary, something that nobody could

wear, so I always look for original dresses. This dress fits very well and has a good quality, as you

could see the gems aren't tawdry. Is in silver color and very bright, short but not so much as to

become vulgar and with a sweetheart neckline, that I love. I bought it taking advantage of summer

sales: on Asos.com you could make good business.

As accessories I selected a small silver clutch with a refined python print, combined with a small

heart-shaped  necklace and matched earrings.

About the shoes I picked out pink bow sandals, with high heels, girlys and romantics.

   Special thanks to the photographer J. Enzo ( www.jenzo.jimdo.com)

    I was wearing:

* +ASOS  silver dress

* +PACO MARTINEZ  clutch

* Max Moda Italy bow sandals

+Swarovski  earrings and necklace


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