17 June 2015

Around the city by Vespa

                                                      Plaza de los correos,  Alicante city, Spain,  March 2014.

Dear fashion lovers,

I want to start my fashion blog with some photos from one of the best cities in Spain where I 

lived: Alicante.

In this post I wish to represent my personal style, my conception of fashion like a mixture of 

elegance, originality  and womanhood.

I started to follow fashion when I was very young and  it became a passion when I moved to 

Milan for studying.

I like to be always updated on new trends but, at the same time, I want to leave my personal 

touch, 'cause I think that clothing reflects a part of our personality. "Style is a way to say who 

you are  without having to speak" said the stylist and designer  Rachel Zoe.

Like italian I chose to start my blog with a photoshoot realized in Spain, the country where I 

live since two years, on  the most glamorous  mean of city transport: the red Vespa.

I hope that you'll like it and enjoy.......


     "....dammi  una  Special  l'estate  che avanza,  dammi una Vespa e ti porto in vacanza...."

I was wearing:

* +ASOS Marketplace  sunglasses                                

* Max  Moda dress and coat

* +Bershka Profile  shoes                                                               

* +Pimkie   Ring                                                                

Special  thanks  to  the  photographer  Jesùs Rùiz  and  the  assistent  Alberto Bañòn.


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