25 June 2015

Alicante fashion look

                                                                        Volvo Ocean  Race Museum, Alicante, Spain, June 2014

Good morning everybody,

finally it's friday and I want to start this summer weekend with my second post.

Today I'd like to remember with pleasure a fashion event where I had the honor to be invited: the

Alicante fashion look, which took place June 7, 2014.

I had the opportunity to meet fashion designers, bloggers and people that are in

the fashion business, enjoying time together in a wonderful location on the seashore.

We wore original outfits with unusual accessories and hairstyles, 'cause we wished represent our

personal style and background.

In my opinion all that is common and ordinary stifles the individuality and gets boring.

Good taste in dressing and the right amount of courage in  breaking  the mold make the difference.

As says Giorgio Armani, one of my favorites stylists, master of elegance and refinement,

"L'importante non è farsi notare ma ricordare".

Staying on the theme, for this special occasion, I chose as motif the peacock, regarded as a symbol of

charme and allurement.

special thanks to the fashion designer Bibi  and his husband Robin Hardy, that moved by passion

and enthusiasm created and organized this event.

I was wearing: 

* +ASOS Marketplace  earrings and necklace                                  

+Tiger Stores  "big eye" ring                                                                  

* +AX Paris  peacock long dress                                                    

* +Zara Fashion  shoes                                                                                

* +DressLily  swan bag                                                                    



  1. I love your casual way of bringing vibrant experience of fashion. I hope you continue providing us eautiful shots of your beauty and fashion .......

  2. Thanks Vishal!!!!!
    I'm glad you like my blog. I've just started and I hope will be better everyday more.
    best wishes

  3. Ich bin aus Deutschland und liebe die italienische mode!
    Eine Mischung aus eleganz und Sommer, das muss unbedingt auch zu uns kommen. Dein Blog ist super, mach weiter so!!!

    I am from germany and I love the italian style! A mixture between elegance and summer, thats what we need here!
    Your blog is awsome, please go on!

  4. Danke Anne!!!!
    I like that my style, personal but with the italian culture's influence, could be interesting for people from other countrys.
    I wish you'll continue following and enjoying my blog...
    Un abbraccio :-)

  5. Cher Sophia: Je trouve Votre Blog trés interessant. Es-ce-que Vous aimez l'allure francaise ou preferez Vous les grandes Maisons Italiennes? J'ai vu que Vous aimez aussi le Vintage soutout les pochettes et le petits bijoux. Bonne Chance. Patrizia

    1. Merci Patrizia!!!
      J'aime la mode italienne mais la francaise aussi et je croix que sont pareilles....Milan et Paris sont villes de la mode chic et glam....et oui j'adore le vintage....sourtout por les accesoirs!!!


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